Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I Hate

I am very specific and hate alot of things.
Some I dont HATE but greatly dislike
and others I actually HATE
here they are:
I hatee potatos, but I like mashed patatos
relish pisses me off
sticky lipgloss or chapstick or whatever, its gross, who made you?
people who are unnessisaryly mean to other people
people who make fun of people
people who think they are better then everyone else
people who cry too often
babys crying on airplanes
people who do things that they think noone saw..... but I JUST SAW YOU!
I hate when people call me and wait till the voicemail beeps and then hang up before leaving the message
answering the phones... I hate answering my phone!
 but when I call YOU, you better answer
people who take FOREVER to answer text messages
people who prank call me - if you prank call me.... you're on my death wish list
guys who cheat on their girlfriends.
people who are rude or have some attitude
cheap crap... such as items that radiat the smell of dirty plastic (ardenes <-however you spell that)
couples that say "I love you" After like 2 days in a relationship
pigins/cegals <- however you spell that crapp of a birdd
when people cough on you.... gross!
when people act like they're all smart and stuff.. even when they are wrong
when people draw sh*t on your face when you are sleeping... -.-
maple syrup
when you buy something but never get to use it cause your friends used it all
when people touch my crap without permission
when people try on my clothes and dont put them back
when Im in love with a something but they dont have it in my size
broken hearts
people crying - cause I laugh at them and it makes me look mean

I'll add more as I find stuff

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